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We are pleased to introduce our unique customer loyalty programme, FrenzCard™.

FrenzCard is an innovative EFTPOS-based loyalty programme that allows you to earn valuable reward points each & every time you buy food or beverages here or at any other of the participating bars & restaurants around NZ.

Once sufficient reward points have been accumulated they can be used to pay for any purchases here or at any of the other venues, simply with a swipe of the card - real rewards in real time!

Furthermore, by becoming a FrenzCard member you will receive special offers & advance notifications of promotions and events taking place.

Alongside the FrenzCard programme, we also offer the FrenzClub™ programme designed specifically for sports & social groups. This programme is similar to the FrenzCard programme, but with the option for the reward points to go to your club or association. In this way this innovative programme can be a valuable source of fund raising for participating sports & social groups.

TO APPLY: Simply ask one of our staff next time you visit
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